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Rejection here, generosity there
Try to be fair

Published: 31.03.2006 14:57
Modified: 31.03.2006 14:57

By Amgad Moussa

It is outrageous that the coordinated assaults of three countries, two of them were superpowers at the time, on a country that had just been freed of occupation is called a crisis. After half a century of this aggression and all the information available now, it is evident that the tripartite prepared a theatrical plot against Egypt in the French city of Sèvres in which roles were written and distributed among the three agressors. Sadly the execution of their plot left 1600 Egyptians dead, 4900 wounded and tens of thousands of refugees after the destruction of most of Port Said by bombardment from the sea and the air.

Another thing, The Egyptian Jews were not forced to leave the country. They did so in a search for better life as any immigrants do. It was clear that the independent socialist policies of Nasser will yield him the animosity of the west and consequently hardship for Egypt. There was no persecution of the Jews by either by the Egyptian people or the Egyptian state. The vicious religious and ethnic hatred that thrived on a large scale in Europe is unparalleled in scale or intensity by anything that happened in the Middle Easter history, except the crusades, therefore it is a gross error to compare Arab nationalism and German nationalism in their consequences on the Jews as your article implies. The terror incidents that happened at this time turned out to be done by Israeli intelligence in Operation Suzannah. This covert operation is now known as Lavon affair after the Israeli defense minister who directed it under orders from Ben Gurion himself.

In conclusion, if you are going to mention the history of other nations in the discussion of your own try to be fair and pay more attention not to repeat biased propaganda.

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