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ETH Life - wissen was laeuft ETH Life - wissen was laeuft

ETH Life - wissen was laeuft ETH Life - wissen was laeuft

ETH - Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Zuerich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Overview: News
Wooden houses of today
An ETH student wins a prize for a wooden house design. The competition aims to help prepare architecture students for the world of practice.
Another award for solar cells
In the evening of the 21st March the "ZKB Pioneering Prize Technopark" was awarded to Flisom, a company founded by five ETH physicists.
Distinguished award for the father of Golden Rice
"Nature Biotechnology" distinguishes Ingo Potrykus and Peter Beyer as two of biotech's most successful pioneers.
At ETH Zurich in Basel
The ETH Center for Bioystems in Basle gets its first director in the person of Renato Paro.
Record propulsion power
With a half-a-million revolutions a minute the mini-system from the ETH Lab of Power Electronics is the fastest in the world. But for the team of researchers involved this is "just" a beginning.
ETH stick in Turin
In Turin the Swiss Ice Hockey Olympic team are putting their trust in a stick that was developed at ETH Zurich.
Former degrees have Master status
A licentiate plus a diploma are the equivalent of a Master degree. This was announced by the Swiss University Conference.
When the chemistry is right
An example of the successful combination of research and family was presented at a D-CHAB Colloquium.
More pollution from motorcycles
An EMPA study reveals that motorcycles emit an overproportional level of pollutants.
New university alliance
The "International Alliance of Research Universities" was recently launched at a ceremony in Singapore. ETH Zurich and nine other globally-oriented universities make up this alliance.

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