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Published: 23.02.2006, 06:00
Modified: 22.02.2006, 21:09
Olympic athletes put their trust in ETH know-how
ETH stick in Turin

(cm) For its matches in Turin Switzerland's National Ice Hockey team are playing with sticks that were developed using know-how that was developed at ETH Zurich. As those involved had hoped, ice-hockey cracks Sandy Jeannin and Julien Vauclair are able to play with sticks that researchers from ETH Professor Paolo Ermanni's Institute for Mechanical Systems developed, together with the company Busch SA in Porrentruy in Canton Jura (1)(2)(3).

Only recently the ETH researchers had systematically measured the strain to the ice-hockey sticks, and already now their results flowed directly into the new model "Icelab Pro 1.4.2“ in order to optimise the working equipment of the ice athletes. The researchers carried out a number of simulations under the guidance of the head of project, Michael Sauter. The subsequently produced prototypes were subjected to two massive stress tests: On the one hand a hydropulser, which crushed onto the middle of the shaft with a ram, and provided information as to the strain on the stick during a slap shot. On the other hand, the engineers simulated blows by dropping a weight on the stick.

The goal–namely to make sticks with better durability–has been reached according to Michael Sauter. The new stick is also somewhat lighter. Further an analysis of shot performance shows that with the new development less flexure energy acts laterally and more into the direction of the shot.

"Icelab Pro 1.4.2“ already passed a first endurance test outside of the lab, on the ice-rink. On 1st February Julien Vauclair played with the HC Lugano against the EHC Zug and scored three goals of his team's 7:2 victory with the new stick.

At the Games: the Icelab Pro 1.4.2., developed at ETH Zurich, is being used by Sandy Jeannin and Julien Vauclair at the Winter Olympics in Turin.

Swiss TV's MTW emission on 23rd February includes a contribution on the ETH hockey stick research.

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