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Published: 01.03.2007, 06:00
Modified: 28.02.2007, 21:22
IInternational architecture competition
ETH Zurich architect builds Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

(sch) The “Christian Kerez” architectural design studio has won the competition to plan the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. For three years Christian Kerez has been assistant professor for Architecture and Design at ETH Zurich, where he also received his ETH Zurich diploma, along with with Miroslav Sik and Fabio Reinhart, in 1988. The competition’s results were announced in the setting of an official gala in Warsaw on 18 February 2007. The international jury, consisting of 13 architects, designers and artists, chose Kerez’ project as the winner after a two-day session. Jury member Daniel Liebeskind praised above all the ability of the building’s design to integrate harmoniously into Warsaw’s cityscape without competing with the neighbouring monumental Palace of Culture.

Part of the new city centre

In July 2006 the town council of Warsaw invited entries for the international competition for an architectural concept for the Museum of Modern Art. 109 architectural studios from all over the world took part. Its prominent location on the Plac Defilad will make the Museum of Modern Art a part of the new city centre that was largely destroyed by bombing during the Second World War. One third of the 35,000 square metres to be created by the building is to be used as space for letting and two thirds as the museum’s exhibition area and space open to the public.

Christian Kerez travelled to Warsaw at the weekend of 24/25 February 2007 to determine the next steps with those responsible on site. The new building is expected to be commissioned by 2010.

NPoland’s new landmark from 2010: Christian Kerez’ building on the Plac Defilad in the heart of Warsaw. (Photo: Capital City of Warsaw) large

Information about the competition and the award-winning designs:

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