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Published: 14.09.2006, 06:00
Modified: 13.09.2006, 10:30
ETH "House of Science" in Bamiyan
Lorries finally at their destination

(per) The first three former Swiss army lorries of the Saurer 2DM type arrived at Bamiyan in the night on Monday 4 September 2006. (1),(2) Afghan and Swiss drivers brought the three HGVs and their loads of furnishing materials for the ETH “House of Science” project over the difficult track from Kabul to Bamiyan. The 30-year-old lorries had mastered the demanding journey well. “There were no problems apart from three flat tyres,” said Albert A. Stahel, Adjunct Professor for Strategic Studies at ETH and the University of Zurich. The three heavy goods vehicles will be used for subsequent “House of Science” projects. The Swiss drivers returned to Switzerland on Thursday 7 September 2006.

Trial run for a second transport

Stahel stressed that “This first convoy was a trial run.” It was necessary to look first of all to see whether a transport of this kind was feasible at all. He is now working on a plan to transport additional former military vehicles including a crane truck to Bamiyan. Ideally the vehicles would be shipped to Karachi in October and taken to Kabul by low-loader. From there the intention is for them to be driven to Bamiyan in November, again with the help of Swiss volunteers.

Official opening in late October

Thanks to the first consignment of materials, the workers can now complete the interior furnishing of the “House of Science” in the next few weeks. The planned inauguration date is 30 October. Former ETH President Olaf Kübler as head of the Advisory Committee, ETH professor Meinrad Eberle, Albert A. Stahel and Jo Lang, National Council member for the Green Party, will take part in the ceremony. Junis Kanuni, Speaker of the Afghan Parliament, and Vice President Abdul Karim Khalili will also attend the opening.

Travelling on a mission of peace: three Swiss army lorries on their way to Afghanistan (Photo: Humanitarian Educational Project in Bamiyan). large

(1) Cf. ETH Life article "Topping-out in Bamiyan":
(2) Cf. ETH Life article "Heavy equipment to Afghanistan":

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