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ETH Life - wissen was laeuft ETH Life - wissen was laeuft

ETH - Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Zuerich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Overview: Science Life
Flip-flop in the cell membrane
Proteins located in the cell membrane ensure the import and export of substances. The elucidation of their structures also enables ETH Zurich researchers to understand the general transport mechanism.
“We need a bigger programme"
The NFS Klima in Zurich was examined with a fine-tooth comb by international experts in the week beginning 26 February 2007. One thing is clear to ETH Zurich climatologist Christoph Schär: Switzerland urgently needs to invest more funds in climate research.
Zeolite reveals its secret
This zeolite was made in the laboratory 10 years ago. ETH Zurich scientists found a way to solve its structure only recently. The petrochemical industry will rejoice.
“Knock-on effect of Basel’s geothermal energy project”
ETH Zurich scientist Nicholas Deichmann together with the Swiss Seismological Service accompanied the Geopower Basel AG’s geothermal project. In an “ETH Life” interview he expresses support for a soundly based risk analysis and rational balancing of interests to obtain a basis for the continuation of the project.
Recording the grafting of proteins
Scientists would very much like to know which of a cell’s proteins have phosphorus groups grafted onto them. ETH researchers show how.
When the seed sprouts
Which questions arise when genetically modified plants are grown in Swiss agriculture? Is co-existence with conventional or organic farming possible? An attempt to find answers through a case study.
Too much trans fat in the Swiss diet
ETH Zurich researchers analysed 120 foodstuffs for harmful trans fatty acids. The results of the study do not reveal high marks for the local foodstuffs producing industry .
Towards real proteome analyses
A new study points the way to improving large-scale protein analyses.
Extreme today, almost normal tomorrow
The first global overview: A new Index developed at ETH predicts major climate changes for certain regions in 70 years time.
A Breakthrough in Chemical Analysis
ETH researchers have developed a new analytical procedure that reliably identifies single molecules on surfaces. The breakthrough has been confirmed in three different ways. .

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