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ETH Life - wissen was laeuft ETH Life - wissen was laeuft

ETH Life - wissen was laeuft ETH Life - wissen was laeuft

ETH - Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Zuerich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Overview: Science Life
The hammered dulcimer surveyed
Searching for an even better hammered dulcimer, an instrument-maker is helped by an ETH Zurich physics student..
Hopefully on a collision course
The new CMS particle detector is halfway through installation at the CERN European Particle Physics Laboratory. This event was celebrated with 200 guests from all over the world.
Curiosity mixed with uncertainty
Scarcely any conflict in a podium discussion on nanotechnology with ETH Zurich Professor Viola Vogel. The experts were fairly well agreed on what needs doing.
‘Now it’s a question of the details’
Teresa Fitzpatrick wants to understand as accurately as possible how organisms produce vitamins. A visit to her laboratory shows which questions still remain unanswered.
A White Paper for proteins
ETH Zurich systems biologists are developing new methods to analyse protein interaction networks.
Software makes gene activity visible
ETH Zurich researchers have found a way to extract meaningful information from millions of “GeneChip” data.
An incredible enzyme
Hearing needs lots of energy: ETH Zurich biologists are helping to elucidate the basic principles of this process.
Major project with microbes
ETH Zurich scientists are taking part in a major project in systems biology. Bacillus subtilis is to show the way to fight certain diseases.
How much nuclear energy does the world need?
What must a sustainable electricity supply look like and what role should nuclear energy play in it? A round table discussion between ETH Zurich experts and political representatives.
Flip-flop in the cell membrane
Proteins located in the cell membrane ensure the import and export of substances. The elucidation of their structures also enables ETH Zurich researchers to understand the general transport mechanism.

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