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ETH Life - wissen was laeuft ETH Life - wissen was laeuft

ETH Life - wissen was laeuft ETH Life - wissen was laeuft

ETH - Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Zuerich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Overview: Science Life
Fodder digested scientifically
The best things for pigs and cattle to eat – a conference on the subject at ETH Zurich.
More uncomfortable facts
Coral bleaching could become more frequent. The rapid pace of climate change is to blame. ETH Zurich researcher Andreas Fischlin on the Fourth Climate Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
The fatty acid factory and its flick knife
ETH Zurich researchers use structural analysis to show how a giant cellular fatty acid synthesis machine works.
Hairy insight
Two ETH Zurich biologists have discovered important signal pathways. If they are interfered with, kidney cells degenerate. Inactive proteins that cannot maintain the cilia are to blame.
“A significant change in the perception of the problem”
Whereas in the eighties the destruction of the ozone layer was still perceived largely in terms of worries about people’s own health, economic aspects predominate in today’s climate debate. An interview with atmospheric chemist Peter.
Quick or efficient?
Eels use different modes of propulsion depending on how quickly or how far forward they want to move. ETH Zurich computer scientists have now calculated them.
Shots in the mountain
In the Nagra Rock Laboratory on the Grimsel Pass ETH Zurich geophysicists are carrying out tests on cableless measuring methods to monitor geological repositories for radioactive waste deep underground.
Successful breakthrough
ETH Zurich has developed a new ice hockey stick – a perfect example of collaboration with private industry.
Getting a grip on complexes
Entire protein complexes mass-produced by robots will soon be available thanks to ETH Zurich researchers.
The hammered dulcimer surveyed
Searching for an even better hammered dulcimer, an instrument-maker is helped by an ETH Zurich physics student..

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